KENWOOD two way radio communications

To discover more about the millions of KENWOOD devices in use by countless customers in hundreds of applications around the world, please visit the Industry Sectors below.

Construction Industry

KENWOOD two way radios are widely used on construction projects to help site management coordinate workers and services in order to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget.

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Retail Shops

KENWOOD walkie talkies allow store management, retail staff, stock controllers and security teams to communicate discretely and effectively with the aim of reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

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Public Safety & Security

KENWOOD digital two way radio systems have been proven in the highest security situations and can be found in operation within military forces, police services, public and private security agencies around the world.

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Hospitality - Hotels, Resorts & Clubs

KENWOOD DMR digital two way radio solutions provide instant clear communications between individuals and groups, at the press of a button.

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Airports & Transport

Mission critical, clear, reliable and effective digital two way radio communications of both voice and data between diverse teams. KENWOOD have all the solutions.

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Oil, Gas & Utilities

KENWOOD offers a wide range of high performance digital and analogue radio communications solutions to the utilities industries. This includes IECEx hand portable radios certified for operation in hazardous environments where combustible gases and airborne particles are present.

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